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Data Access Viewer (DAV) - Quick Start

The POWER Data Archive's solar and meteorological parameters can be accessed on the POWER web site via the Data Access Viewer (DAV). When the DAV page opens you can click the "Access Data" box and/or check the "Do not show this splash screen again." box to avoid loading the splash page on subsequent visits. To request data using the DAV follow the widget options top-to-bottom following the section steps outlined in the video above and the list below.

Quick Start Steps

In Section 1: Select the User Community appropriate for the desired data parameters.

In Section 2: Choose the appropriate Temporal Average.

In Section 3: Enter or select the site latitude and longitude.

  • The latitude and longitude can be selected using the point icon and then clicking the map where you want data.

In Section 4: Enter the Time Extent that corresponds with the Temporal Average you selected.

  • If Climatology time period is selected in Section 2, there is no need to enter a time period.

In Section 5: Select Output file formats that your data will be created in.

In Section 6: Select the desired parameters that are available for the selected User Community and Time Extent are listed in Folders. Each folder can be opened by clicking on the intersection of the horizontal and vertical branch associated with each folder. Individual data parameters are selected/deselected by clicking on each parameters or all parameters in a folder can be selected/deselected by clicking on the folder itself.

In Section 7: Click the "Submit" button.

The resulting page will provide time series plots of the selected data parameters. To download data in the previously selected format, click the appropriate box under the "Output Files".