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API Getting Started

This tutorial will help users get started using the POWER Application Programming Interface (API). The POWER API allows external application developers and users to directly connect and interact with the POWER Data. This can be completed by including a POWER API URL in a user's scripted application, jupyter notebook, or even hyperlinking in a web browser.

The POWER Project provides detailed Data Services overviews on its services offerings including the POWER API. These can be used to start to build an API query request from scratch but POWER has a even simpler approach to start using the Data Access Viewer (DAV) to constrict your initial API request.

Follow the Data Access Viewer (DAV): Quick Start guide steps result window appears. Then pick-up with the following:

Getting Started Steps

Steps 1: Scroll down to the bottom of the result window.

Steps 2: Click on the here in the text in the bottom of the result window - "Want to incorporate POWER data access directly into your application? Click here to access the URL constructed to create this data order. More information on our API."

Steps 3: Once the API request completes you can copy the URL from your web browser's address bar.

Now that you have the API URL you can edit it by hand following the guidance in POWER API and use it in your applications as you wish.