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Monthly OPeNDAP

The Annual OPeNDAP endpoints returns time series data responses for solar and meteorological data.

  • Provides parameters by year; the annual and each month's average, maximum, and/or minimum values.
  • All parameters are available in their original source spatial resolution.
  • Solar parameters are derived from NASA's GEWEX SRB R4-IP archive (Jan. 1, 1984 – Dec. 31, 2000), CERES SYN1deg archive (Jan. 1, 2001 – to within a few months of real time), and NASA’s CERES FLASHFlux project (End of CERES – to within about 7-days of real time).
  • Meteorological parameters are derived from the NASA's GMAO MERRA-2 assimilation model (Jan. 1, 1981 to the previous year).


The Annual endpoint temporal level is sorted as a single endpoint with associated parameters.


Request Size

If a single OPeNDAP request is above 1 gigabyte the transaction is ended. Please keep requests small by limiting the number of parameters requested in one request.