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ArcGIS Services

The restful ArcGIS Image Services and Feature Services support data distribution through a framework of temporal based endpoints. POWER Version 9 ArcGIS data are CRF-based and stored in AWS in the POWER Services Datastore Bucket. Image and feature services are stored in the NASA Earthdata GIS Enterprise and NASA ArcGIS Online. In the future, POWER Version 10 image and feature services will refer to the Zarr-based analysis ready data in the AWS ARD bucket.


These are the Temporal Image Services that return user community specific ARD products.

Services Description
Monthly Provides select parameters as summarized monthly values dating back to 1981 (for meteorology parameters), 1984 (for solar irradiance parameters), or 2001 depending on availability.
Annual Provides select parameters as summarized annual values dating back to 1981 (for meteorology parameters), 1984 (for solar irradiance parameters), or 2001 depending on availability.
Climatology Provides parameters as climatologies for a pre-defined period with monthly average, maximum, and/or minimum values available.

Access options

You can access ArcGIS items as image and feature service layers in NASA Earthdata GIS's Portal and within the POWER group of the NASA ArcGIS Online Organization.

List of Services

Services Type Service Source URL EGIS ArcGIS Item NASA ArcGIS Online Item
Monthly Radiation Image Service Monthly Radiation Service Monthly Radiation EGIS Monthly Radiation AGOL
Monthly Meteorology Image Service Monthly Meteorology Service Monthly Meteorology EGIS Monthly Meteorology AGOL
Monthly Wind Speed Image Service Monthly Wind Speed Service Monthly Wind Speed EGIS Monthly Wind Speed AGOL
Monthly Wind Components Image Service Monthly Wind Components Service Monthly Wind Components EGIS Monthly Wind Components AGOL
Annual Radiation Image Service Annual Radiation Annual Radiation Annual Radiation
Annual Meteorology Image Service Annual Meteorology Service Annual Meteorology EGIS Annual Meteorology AGOL
Annual Wind Components Image Service Annual Wind Components Service Annual Wind Components EGIS Annual Wind Components AGOL
Climatology Radiation Image Service Climatology Radiation Service Climatology Radiation EGIS Climatology Radiation AGOL
Climatology Meteorology Image Service Climatology Meteorology Service Climatology Meteorology EGIS Climatology Meteorology AGOL
Climatology Azimuth Image Service Climatology Azimuth Service Climatology Azimuth EGIS Climatology Azimuth AGOL
Climatology Battery Image Service Climatology Battery Service Climatology Battery EGIS Climatology Battery AGOL
Climatology Horizon Image Service Climatology Horizon Service Climatology Horizon EGIS Climatology Horizon AGOL
Climatology Tilted Surfaces Image Service Climatology Tilted Surfaces Service Climatology Tilted Surfaces EGIS Climatology Tilted Surfaces AGOL
Climatology Thermal Zones Feature Service Thermal Zones Service Thermal Zones EGIS Thermal Zones AGOL
Climatology Thermal Moisture Zones Feature Service Thermal Moisture Zones Source Thermal Moisture Zones EGIS Thermal Moisture Zones AGOL