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Daily API

The Daily microservice API returns time series analysis ready data responses for solar and meteorological data to be used directly by applications.

  • Provides parameters by day with average, maximum, and/or minimum values.
  • All parameters are available in their original source spatial resolution.
  • Solar parameters are derived from NASA's GEWEX SRB R4-IP archive (Jan. 1, 1984 – Dec. 31, 2000), CERES SYN1deg archive (Jan. 1, 2001 – to within a few months of real time), and NASA’s CERES FLASHFlux project (End of CERES – to within about 7-days of real time).
  • Meteorological parameters are derived from the NASA's GMAO MERRA-2 assimilation model (Jan. 1, 1981 to within a few months of real time) plus GEOS-5.12.4 FP-IT (End of MERRA-2 to within several days of real time).


If you are going to be using the Daily API to download the entire catalog please remember that with 0.5° x 0.5° global grid you only need to submit one request per cell. If your application persists is requesting the same relative location it potentially will be blocked.


Formats Available Notes
NetCDF Yes
ICASA Yes Only available for the AG Community.


If you are requesting the ICASA format via the Data Access Viewer (DAV) you do not have to select any parameters the DAV will autofill the required parameters. When using the Application Programming Interface (API) to request ICASA you need to include at least one parameter and the API will autofill the required parameters in the file response. For the monthly amplitude to be included in the file please select a time period that includes at least two months. The ICASA file responds in Local Solar Time (LST).

Time Standards

POWER provides two different time standards:

  • Universal Time Coordinated (UTC): is the standard time measure that used by the world.
  • Local Solar Time (LST): A 15 Degrees swath that represents solar noon at the middle longitude of the swath.
  • Daily UTC and LST time standards data are available from 1981/01/01 to Near Real Time (NRT)
  • Hourly defaults to providing LST; to change the time standard please include time-standard=UTC or time-standard=LST in the API request URL.



  • A maximum of 20 parameters can currently be requested in one submission.
  • This limits does not apply if more parameters are needed by the application to construct any on the fly parameters.

Wind Elevation and Custom Surface

  1. This parameter is only available with Point spatial option.
  2. Wind Elevation values in Meters are required to be between 10m and 300m.
  3. If you provide a correct wind surface alias wind-surface please include a surface elevation wind-elevation with the request.

For a list of wind surface aliases please use this System API Request for more information please reference the [Manager Documentation](\docs\services\api\system\manager).

Site Elevation

If you wish to pass your own site elevation (in meters) you will receive a corrected atmospheric pressure value upon adjustment to the elevation you provided.

  1. This parameter is only available with Point spatial option.
  2. Site Elevation site-elevation values in Meters.

Request Structure

  • The request arguments can be in any order after the question mark.
  • A single parameter can be requested or a list of Parameters can be selected, with one of the following list separators: ',' or '%2C'.


To help construct and test your API requests please use the API Pages for the POWER Daily API and POWER Manager API.




Below are examples to return a daily data for a region on a 0.5 x 0.5 degree grid.