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Temporal APIs

The Temporal APIs that return user community specific Analysis Ready Data (ARD) products.

Services Description
Climatology Provides parameters as climatologies for a pre-defined period with monthly average, maximum, and/or minimum values available.
Monthly Provides parameters by year; the annual and each month's average, maximum, and/or minimum values.
Daily Provides parameters by day with average, maximum, and/or minimum values.
Hourly Provides parameters by hour with average values.


Future Enhancements

At the moment we currently have only implemented the Point spatial option on all the Temporal APIs. We will be adding enhancements in the future.

Value Description
Point The Point endpoint returns a time series based on a single latitude and longitude coordinate across the time span requested.
Regional The Regional endpoint returns a time series based on a bounding box of lower left (latitude, longitude) and upper right (latitude, longitude) coordinates across the time span provided.
Services Point Regional
Climatology Yes Yes
Monthly Yes Yes
Daily Yes Yes
Hourly Yes No


Below you will find an overview of the output formats available for the Temporal APIs. All of the Temporal APIs allow for a single output file format to be exported in one request. For more information please reference the specified Temporal APIs pages.

Standard Formats

Climatology Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Yes Yes Yes Yes
Daily Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hourly Yes Yes Yes Yes

Contingent Formats

Services ICASA EPW GeoTIFF Notes
Climatology No No No GeoTIFF will be available in a future release.
Monthly No No No
Daily Yes No No ICASA is available only with the AG community.
Hourly No Yes No