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Climate Anomalies

Climate Anomalies API

The Climate Anomalies API returns an Anomalies Report from a custom location and time range.

  • All parameters are available in their original source spatial resolution.
  • A request computes 50+ parameters, at three different Temporal levels.
  • Solar parameters are derived from NASA's GEWEX SRB R4-IP archive (Jan. 1, 1984 – Dec. 31, 2000), CERES SYN1deg archive (Jan. 1, 2001 – to within a few months of real time), and NASA’s CERES FLASHFlux project (End of CERES – to within about 7-days of real time).
  • Meteorological parameters are derived from the NASA's GMAO MERRA-2 assimilation model.


Formats Available Notes

Request Structure

  • A range of at least five years is required.
  • The request arguments can be in any order after the question mark.
  • A single parameter can be requested or a list of Parameters can be selected, with one of the following list separators: ',' or '%2C'.

To help construct and test your API requests please use the API Pages for the POWER Anomalies API.