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Data Services

The POWER Data Services consists of a series of restful Application Programming Interfaces (API), geospatial enabled image services, and the Registry of Open Data on AWS. These three different service offerings support data discovery, access, and distribution to our user base as Analysis Ready Data (ARD) and as direct application inputs.

Guidance on Downloading Global Time Series Data

The POWER Data Archive is a curated dataset and not static. Downloading the entire dataset may not the best approach depending on your situation. This is especially true for the 2-3 months after the current date when the long-term MERRA-2 data products become available and are used to supersede the quick look meteorological data products. Additionally, the POWER Data Archive actively changes/updates with bias corrections, model updates, and error fixes. For more information please review the POWER Methodology - Data Section, review the current Release Notes on the POWER Homepage, and/or ask a question (see bottom of homepage).

If your data needs require downloading via the POWER API:

  • Please ensure that you properly request data from the POWER Data Services at no higher than its current resolution. The POWER data products are currently available at 0.5 x 0.625 degree resolution for meteorology and 1 x 1 for solar parameters. If you are requesting data at a too high a resolution (i.e, less than 0.5 degree or about 50 km), you risk requesting the same information multiple times.
  • Within two to three (2-3) months after real-time, the meteorological data products are replaced with improved climate quality data products. This needs to be taken into account when downloading the POWER Data Archive.
  • The POWER Dashboard Availability Daily & Hourly page can be used to determine current processing statuses.

If your data needs require downloading the entire POWER Data Archive:

For downloading the monthly temporal level of the POWER Data Archive, it is recommended to use the Registry of Open Data on AWS. The AWS services do not include customized community based parameters conversions. To recreate the parameters in your desired units, please review the POWER Methodology to find the equations required to compute that parameter.