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Glossary of Terms

POWER Data Archive

The POWER Data Archive refers to the solar and meteorological data processed and stored for use in the POWER Data Services applications and research publications.

  • All parameters are available in their original source spatial resolution.
  • Provide multiple temporal levels: hourly, daily, monthly, and climatology.
  • Solar parameters are derived from NASA's GEWEX SRB R4-IP archive (Jan. 1, 1984 – Dec. 31, 2000), CERES SYN1deg archive (Jan. 1, 2001 – to within a few months of real time), and NASA’s CERES FLASHFlux project (End of CERES – to within about 7-days of real time).
  • Meteorological parameters are derived from the NASA's GMAO MERRA-2 assimilation model (Jan. 1, 1981 to within a few months of real time) plus GEOS-5.12.4 FP-IT (End of MERRA-2 to within several days of real time).
POWER Project Team

The POWER Project Team is the core team that supports sustainment, updates, and future improvements.

POWER Communities

The POWER Communities are the three communities where we tailor parameters, units, and tools to support decision-makers, the scientific community, industry partners.

POWER Data Services

The POWER Data Services is the set of services and applications that are used to provide data to the community at large.

POWER Tools & Applications Catalog

The POWER Tools & Applications Catalog is the set of applications that are used to provide websites, tools, and documentation to the community at large.