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Other Questions

Data Access Viewer (DAV)

Using the DAV's single point tool how to download multiple file formats?

You can submit the initial request with one of the formats you require and then using the back button you can change only the format option and resubmit the request again. This will allow you to download all available formations.

Parameter Information

Where is a searchable parameters list?
  • For a quick overview of parameters in a searchable list please see the Homepage Resources Section's Parameter Dictionary.
  • For a more detailed list of parameters please use the Manager Documentation to look deeper into the parameters.

Time Information

Time Standards

POWER provides two different time standards for Hourly and Daily temporal level data:

  • Universal Time Coordinated (UTC): is the standard time measure that used by the world.
  • Local Solar Time (LST): A 15 Degrees swath that represents solar noon at the middle longitude of the swath.

POWER defaults to providing LST for Hourly and Daily temporal level and for every other temporal level provides UTC. To change the time standard for Hourly or Daily please include time-standard=UTC or time-standard=LST in the API request URL.

Time Range

  • POWER's time stamp represents the beginning of the hour for the whole hour.