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This image depicts solar disk in the back ground and a satliite circurling earth in the foreground.

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Surface meteorology and Solar Energy (SSE-release 6.0) :
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Please note that updating solar parameters in the 1° by 1° SUSTAINABLE BUILDINGS and AGROCLIMATOLOGY archives has been impacted as a result of technical issues with the input data sets. However, the meteorological data in both archives continues to be updated to within several days of current time. Efforts are underway to resolve these difficulties as soon as possible.

Processing, archiving, and distributing solar insolation
and meteorological parameters for:

  • SSE-RENEWABLE ENERGY:   Satellite and modeled derived data supporting Renewable Energy Technologies (RET's).
    • Over 200 satellite-derived meteorology and solar energy parameters
    • Monthly averaged parameters for the period July 1, 1983 through June 30, 2005
    • Daily averaged solar and meteorolgical data over the time period July 1983 - June 2005
    • Global coverage on a 1° latitude by 1° longitude grid
    • Data for the RETScreen® International Clean Energy Project Analysis Software
    • Data for the Hybrid Optimization Model for Electric Renewables (HOMER software)
    • SSE Methodology - Executive Summary
    • SSE Methodology: (HTML-Version); (PDF Version)

  • SUSTAINABLE BUILDINGS:   Satellite and modeled derived data for the preliminary design of buildings and associated renewable-energy power systems.
    • Near Real-time Daily Global Radiation and Meteorology
      • Daily averaged solar radiation from July 1, 1983 through near real-time
      • Daily averaged air pressure, average/minimum/maximum temperature, humidity and wind speed from January 1, 1983 and near real-time
      • Global coverage on a 1° latitude by 1° longitude grid
    • Higher Resolution Daily Time Series by Location
      • January 1, 1981 through a few months behind real-time
      • Meteorological parameters from NASA's Modern Era Retrospective-analysis for Research and Applications (MERRA) only (no solar parameters)
      • Parameters for any location available at a 1/2° latitude by 1/2° longitude grid
      • MERRA Sustainable Buildings Methodology (pdf Format)
    • DOE/ASHRAE Building Climate Parameters
      • Air temperature and precipitation
      • Heating & cooling degree days
      • Climate types & zones.
      • Global coverage on a ½° latitude by ½° longitude grid
      • Sample Data Products
    • Monthly averages for the indicated climatological period
      • Solar radiation: 1984 - 2007 (24 years)
      • Temperature, humidity and wind speed: 1983 - 2007 (25 years)
      • Global coverage on a 1° latitude by 1° longitude grid
    • Psychrometric Charts for the continental United States (CONUS)
      • Yearly for 1983 through 2007
      • CONUS coverage on a 1° latitude by 1° longitude grid
    • Three-hourly pressure, temperature, humidity and wind speed for the CONUS
      • January 1, 1983 - September 30, 2008
      • CONUS coverage on a 1° latitude by 1° longitude grid

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